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Naturally it wul . It involves writing Tweets, that are short changes of the maximum of 140 characters that tell your fans what you're up to. Although your Tweets are officially supposed to answer the question, What are you doing? Twitter has moved far beyond that. After announcing the teams involved and 10 of the venues February 4, organizers with the tournament said two additional venues would be announced February 20, but Minneapolis was the only new host city revealed Thursday afternoon. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Wednesday that a game would take place at TCF Bank Stadium, where the University of Minnesota football team plays and officials with the International Champions Cup confirmed as much Thursday. Hartford, Conn., was also one of the reported venues that has yet to be confirmed and the location of two of the games from the report was incorrect.

The day after a deflating shootout loss to Edmonton, Wild coach Mike Yeo and forward Zach Parise voiced different opinions on the state of the team chemistry. While Yeo said his team must continue seeking the synchronicity it has lacked since the roster changes it made at the trade deadline, Parise said chemistry is not an issue, calling Tuesday 4 3 defeat simply an night. The two did agree that the Wild should not overreact. George W. Bush was the first president since Woodrow Wilson to serve two terms and leave office with the average household income lower than when he entered it. Obama may be the second when he leaves during the eighth year of a wretched recovery.

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